Monday, January 26, 2015


Ever wonder why some fail and others succeed? One reason is lack of awareness. The less aware we are, the less we’re likely to produce the results we want. Yes, sometimes good luck brings success, but often the key is awareness. With proper awareness we’re much more likely to succeed.

With this in mind, practicing MINDFULNESS and SELF-OBSERVATION can be of great help. Both are powerful ways for expanding awareness, and together can make us more successful at everything we attempt.

MINDFULNESS is the practice of giving full attention to the task at hand; becoming fully present and not allowing our mind to wander off course. It can help us become more in control of how we utilize our mind.

SELF-OBSERVATION is the practice of noticing our emotional states, intentions and actions. As we do this non-judgmentally, we may see our participation more objectively … then make the necessary adjustment for getting better results. This practice can help us to act more appropriately and effectively.

For example: to get along better with another person and to forward personal or professional interests, the more MINDFUL we are of what is being said and sought by another, the more appropriately we may respond. And the more SELF-OBSERVANT we are, the more readily we notice when we’re getting out of line and can choose new and more appropriate responses for better outcomes.

Success is a creative exploratory process dependent on the expansion of awareness, and these techniques help expand awareness in all situations; the more you practice them, the more successful you can be.

The above example is general and only lightly brushes the surface of how powerful these two techniques actually are. To know their true value we may need to practice them daily.  As has been often wisely said – the proof is in the pudding. So the more you practice them, the more surely you’ll know their role in increasing success.

Goodness and joy to all, Joseph.


Monday, January 5, 2015


There's an elevated way of participating in life.  I call it 'Divine Zone Living'.  It comes as a result of mentally being more creatively and spiritually attuned.  At this level of mental focus, we're more receptive, appreciative, intuitive, inspired, expressive, and constructively productive -- more fully alive! 

Very creative and highly evolved people learn to regularly bring themselves to this level of living.  It’s a matter of raising consciousness and bringing oneself to a higher energy state.  Without doing this we may feel stuck and weighed down by the habitual and difficult turns of life we face every day.

At root, everything -- health, wealth and happiness -- is a matter of high positive energy.  As we raise our energy state, the better our lives can be. And that’s why high energy practices are needed.

This is where meditation can be of great value; in particular, ENERGY MEDITATION.

Energy meditation is a specific focus on sensing and raising your energy level. Simply put: it’s just becoming still within ... and sensing the energy of your being ... and then generating it as high as you can.

Some people may find this simple practice difficult because they’re unable to still their mind and focus their awareness on sensing body energy. If you have this difficulty, just begin by focusing on your hands, holding palms up. Once you feel an energetic tingling there, see if you can feel it in other areas of your body, and then after that, feel your whole body as one unified energy state rising as high it can. 

This is one of many key practices that can help you experience a higher energy level and living in your divine zone.

Goodness and joy to all, Joseph.