Saturday, March 22, 2014


We know why people pray … it’s our direct outreach for divine assistance. But what is less known is the true purpose of prayer and how to pray effectively.

Whatever one’s concept of God is or isn't (even many atheists have prayed), when done wholeheartedly one may feel enveloped in God’s radiant love and protection. This can quell fear, strengthen confidence and help us face whatever is to come.

Experiments show that prayers’ miraculous power is a true mysterious fact … many times we will thankfully find our prayers answered. However, if we pray only when desperately in need, we reduce prayer to a last-resort call for help instead of utilizing its greater possibilities and purpose – i.e., to affirm and strengthen our divine connection and to increase our sense of well-being, serenity, self-worth, goodness, constructive and creative life-purpose, and to help us become more God-like and experience our oneness with God.

Prayer serves us better as we more fully utilize it. So pray often each day. Acknowledge your gratitude for all the goodness provided and affirm your connection to God again and again. Also, express your desire to be guided in becoming more courageous, loving, compassionate, wise, generous, kind, and all that would better bring your Godly-self forward.

So, from this day on, instead of perhaps thinking of prayer as a 911 call that one may occasionally and urgently make, think of it as a chance to drink from a gloriously nurturing spring many times a day.

Goodness and joy to all, Joseph.


Saturday, March 8, 2014


Have you ever heard that God is who you really are?

For many this may seem ridiculous and taken as a sign of foolishness, grandiosity or megalomania. Yet we may all have experienced our Godly self many times and in many ways. But due to misconceptions about God and ourselves, we may have misinterpreted these experiences.

If we believe God is a super being outside ourselves, and that we’re weak and sinful creatures separate from God, and need to fear, obey and worship Him, we keep from knowing God and ourselves as one. However, if we can see God as a primary universal creative force manifesting itself in an infinite number of ways -- including as us -- then we may recognize that, just as an ocean drop is always one with the ocean, we’re always one with God; God is all there is … and we’re all God.

Not all existences have sufficient consciousness to recognize this or the ability to deliberately choose to express their divine nature. However, upon spiritual awakening, all humans do. And until we become spiritually awakened we remain ego-driven and sleepwalk through life, dreaming of a greater life in the future. But this greater life doesn't come until we become spiritually awakened. Then it occurs immediately -- HERE and NOW.

During these moments, we transcend our usual ordinary selves and feel a sense of timelessness and inexhaustible energy; we become profoundly inspired … or deeply peaceful … or extremely patient … or magnificently courageous … or incredibly skillful … or greatly compassionate … or unusually playful … or totally accepting … or extremely kind … or miraculously healing … or ecstatically blissful … or wisely insightful … or unexpectedly creative … or hugely thankful … or extremely giving … or eagerly helpful … or truly forgiving … or unconditionally loving … or exquisitely joyful.

For however long or short we may experience it, when spiritually awakened we may express our Godly nature. So keep this in mind: your Godly self is always close at hand. Just divinely attune within and let your Godly self spring forth.

Goodness and joy to all, Joseph.