Thursday, December 18, 2014


Here are four essential steps to life mastery.  If you take them you’ll eliminate needless struggle, stress and suffering ... and create a life you love.

The first step is -- RECOGNIZING your Higher-Self.  If you have not taken this step yet, a great awakening is in store for you. For many people this may be the hardest step to take because identification with body, mind and personality has been so strongly established.  But meditation can help one get past this barrier. If you find meditation too difficult to do on your own, find a CD, a group or a teacher to help you.

Once you realize your Higher-Self, you’re ready for the second step -- REMEMBERING that this is who you really are.  The ego and urgencies of daily life make this easy to forget. So to meet this memory challenge, enlist every help you can get.  Place notes in your home and workspace, program your computer or iPhone alarm. Practice mini meditations throughout the day. Etc.  

All this prepares you to take the third step: LISTENING for the ‘voice’ of your Higher-Self.  Your Higher-Self is always trying to guide you, but its voice can’t be heard unless you actively listen for it. And you can’t do this unless you remember to still your mind and listen deeply for its prompting. This may take practice, but once you start to ‘get it’ you’re ready for the final step -- DOING your Higher-Self’s bidding.

The steps are simple and clear. If you choose to follow them they’ll take you -- step by step -- to life mastery and a life you’ll love. 

Goodness and joy to all, Joseph.


Monday, December 1, 2014


Many people believe that they’ll begin living at peak when they find a great love, gain professional success or get wealthy. But this is not necessarily so. Getting any or all of these (or anything else for that matter) is not going to bring anyone to peak.  Because peak-living doesn’t depend upon what we have or get, it depends on how well we respond to life events and circumstance ... especially the ones not to our liking!

Here’s the key:  to live at peak, the only thing we really need to ‘get’ is OUR BEST RESPONDING SELF - a self that responds more POSITIVELY, CONSCIENTIOUSLY, SKILLFULLY and OBJECTIVELY. The more effort we put into being this, the more we may live at peak and the better our lives can get.

Thus, to have a terrific life we don’t have to be or live like anyone else or even be the most capable human ever.  We just need to be focused at a higher level.

As you may know, setting a high-minded goal such as this can be done quickly and easily. But actually focusing our mind at a higher level is often the rub … and habitual daily practice may be needed. This is one reason I recommend practicing SELF-REMEMBERING – remembering to observe oneself many times each day and ask, “Am I being my Highest Self at this moment?”

This is an important technique of my Life Mastery Training. Try it! Each day, see how often you can remember to be your Highest Self ... and then be it. And then see how much better your life gets.

Goodness and joy to all, Joseph.