Saturday, July 19, 2014

The brain’s Prefrontal Lobe (PFL), which sits behind the forehead, is the most recently evolved area of the brain. Many creative, executive, and other higher mental functions are coordinated or take place there. It provides the basis for a HIGHER FUNCTIONING MIND AND SELF.
Developing this higher level self is the next step in human evolution and exactly what’s needed for improving life. It’s the key to awakening and evolving authentic spirituality and the means for achieving TRUE LIFE SUCCESS … the true aim of all great spiritual teachers and practices.
We have this inherent possibility, but it requires belief in it … and intention … and daily effort to actualize it.  Absent these, we default to a lesser and usual level of self -- regardless of intelligence and talent.
At its default level, the mind largely operates re-actively and is subconsciously driven by ego, inappropriate or irrational emotions, physical urges, biases and mindless habits – which often lead to less favorable results ... and at times, lead to harm to self and others.
Such failures are essentially caused by not recognizing the limits of one’s default mental functioning and thus make no effort to practice more mindful living. Until this is done, personal and human progress remain stalled; greater possibilities go unfulfilled no matter how great are our desires, good intentions and efforts may be -- we may dream, plan, scheme and struggle in vain … and still be less fulfilled in the end.
This is a key fact of human life!
Thus we owe it to ourselves to develop a higher-conscious level of mind – i.e., practice mindfulness, self-awareness, conscientiousness, introspection and meditation. Developing a higher functioning self is the only true path forward.
Goodness and joy to all, Joseph.


Friday, June 20, 2014


No one really knows what consciousness is or how it comes to be -- it’s a mystery.  Creativity is also a mystery.  Of both realities there are many theories … yet little comprehensive understanding. So over time I’ve formed this basic view.

Consciousness and creativity are bound together like two sides of a coin.  Consciousness is of itself creative in that it’s the process by which we create experience; every perception and thought is a creation forming our sense of reality, and it happens instantly and automatically.  

But this doesn't mean that we’re automatically creative in the usual innovative or artistic sense or that we’re automatically actualizing our best possibilities.  These are quite another matter. To be creative in these ways, one must deliberately shift to another mental gear in which we better set and maintain creative intention; perceive more openly and clearly; sense more intuitively; more freely and easily discover and explore new possibilities; and better regulate behavior.

I believe that, on a brain level, all this happens due to our becoming more able to utilize our Prefrontal Lobe (the brain’s seat of higher mental functioning). And I also believe that, to deliberately make it happen, one essentially learns to enter a kind of ‘self-surrender’ state – a momentary ‘letting go’ of one’s ordinary thinking ego-self; this allows one to connect with a higher, freer and wiser level of self.

So the key lies in learning to surrender one’s usual ego self, at least temporarily.

Creative people may be accused of have big egos driving them to accomplish great results, and this may often be true. But at the moments of actual creative insight or impulse, I believe they slip into a non-ego blissful state, something similar to ‘no mind’ meditation. Then they become receptive to flashes of divine inspiration.

This is what I believe is often not understood – most of us have the capacity to slip into this higher creative consciousness state. We’re always just a blink away. But we need to learn to relax, let go, and momentarily transcend our ordinary ego consciousness state. Then we can truly live creatively.

Goodness and joy to all, Joseph.