Thursday, September 11, 2014


A wise person does first what others do last.” 

When I discovered this quote I thought it was a brilliant insight.  It supports the belief that a wise person lives best.  For a wise person is one who chooses the best action to take right at the start and thereby lives most fruitfully.

Given this, the key to a great life lies not in all the many good intentions and goals we may have, but in gaining the wisdom to direct ourselves better.  Wisdom streamlines life and keeps us from wasting time and energy going down wrong paths.

Wisdom is a great legacy left to us by many wise persons throughout the ages.  But our most immediate source of wisdom resides deep within ourselves. And we can easily access it by learning to focus meditatively.

This doesn't mean that we have to practice meditation, although it helps. What is needed is to slow down our brain waves to 8 to 14 cycles per second, which happens when we sufficiently slow down thinking. This level of brain wave activity is THE ALPHA ZONE (one of four brain wave ranges we normally enter). In it we become alertly detached, and our objectivity, will, conscientiousness, intuition, and perceptual receptivity can increase. In it we can be more powerfully present and in control -- and live at our MASTER MIND LEVEL. 

At this level our higher mental powers are more readily available and we may live better. Train yourself to enter and live more in this zone. Then you’ll often access your inherent wisdom -- and do first what you might otherwise do last ... or not do at all.

Goodness and joy to all, Joseph.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Creativity is a key human capacity. Yet many of us don’t sufficiently utilize it … or even recognize that it’s one of our great human gifts. I’m firmly convinced that without utilizing our creative capacity, we don’t, and can’t, live at our best – even if we have all the money, success, love and friendship we might long for - for it’s through creativity that we experience a special quality of being alive.

I’m not suggesting that everyone create art or invent some great new product for the world; obviously this is not possible. However, I am suggesting that we can more often connect with ourselves and surroundings in an intentionally creative way that allows new life-enhancements to emerge through us on a daily basis; life-enhancements which may be fleeting as well as permanent and manifest wherever we are: at home, at work and at play.

For instance, a new -- wardrobe space … windowsill garden … recipe … product design … furniture arrangement … sales approach … efficiency or economy procedure – are some of countless tangible life-enhancement possibilities we may intentionally create at home or at work. Along with those tangible life-enhancements we may also intentionally create many fleeting life-enhancing experiences, like laughter and other good feelings.

Also, with a deliberate shift in our mode of perception, we may intentionally create instant experiences of beauty, charm, meaning and uniqueness by extracting these essences from all that exists around us. For example, with a creative shift in perception we can find: sacred presence in an old building; imaginative creatures in shifting clouds; a charm of unique personality in each person’s manner; perfection in an egg; infinity in an inch of space; and so on.

Once we fully awaken to the limitless transformative power of applied creative intention, we may find ourselves producing many unexpected new life-enhancements effects, maybe even creating some form of art.

One final point to stress -- the creation of all life-enhancements requires three steps – first, connect with the energy of pure goodness within you; second, choose some form by which to give it living existence; third, pour your good energy freely into manifesting your creative intention, sparing no effort.

So there you have it. So now please create more forms of goodness to enhance every day of your life; it’s the best way to spend your energy.

Goodness and joy to all,